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Fancy a change?

New Summer Programme 2015 now live!

Our East West and North South summer programmes are now available online with over 1700 volunteer projects available worldwide. Find your perfect project here.

Make a difference

When you take part in a volunteering project abroad through Concordia, you can be sure you’ll be making a real difference. To a community, and to yourself.

You’ll be with people from all over the world. You may miss some home comforts, but you’ll have a lot of fun. You’ll get an experience you will carry with you forever. And maybe even some great friends for life.

The Concordia difference

Unlike some, we’re in it for passion, not profit. Unlike voluntourism or tourism operators we ask for just a small transparent contribution towards our administration costs. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have less of an experience.

For 70 years now, we’ve provided volunteering and work opportunities overseas and here in the UK. We work with partner organisations from 60 countries as well as a network of UK charities. Each one understands the realities of life in their own community. We believe there’s no better way to promote real, lasting understanding across cultures, continents and political divides.

The way we work

Every Spring, we post our new Summer programme for the forthcoming year. These positions are available to people all over the world and they often get booked within a couple of months. Once they are taken, they are gone so if you see something you like, our advice is to act fast!