If you're reading this you probably already have a pretty good idea of what volunteering abroad means. You want to travel, develop new skills, whilst making a difference. Maybe you're looking to fill some time over your summer break. Maybe, you want to spend your Gap Year doing something impactful and worthwhile. 

However you found us, whatever your motivations are, we're glad you've taken an interest in Concordia and our international volunteer projects. 

You know you want to volunteer overseas. Now you're asking, why should I choose Concordia? 

Concordia shares your desire for global change. We believe that our international volunteers continuing impact on small communities across the world helps push for this change. We are deeply invested in variety of world wide campaigns such a gender equality, the fight against climate change, and non-violence.

Concordia is a member of two of the biggest international volunteer networks, the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and the Committee for International Voluntary Service Organisations (CCIVS), and we work in partnership with more than 60 organisations in all corners of the world. These networks are expertly run and well managed, ensuring that yourself and the people our projects touch are safe, supported & satisfied. 

Our volunteer projects are diverse. We know that some people want to get stuck in to manual work, whilst others prefer quietly creating enriching workshops. Read more about our different types of projects.  

Our many projects outside Europe will give you the chance to experience a completely different way of life. On many projects in Asia, Latin America and Africa you will have to chance to live with a local family and really immerse yourself in the local culture. As well as offering projects outside of Europe, Concordia works closely with many European organisations. Every year we offer hundreds of fun, unique and educational volunteer experiences in Europe such as working on an archaeological site in France, helping refugees in Belgium or help setting up a music festival in Germany. 

We keep costs low. 

By choosing to volunteer with Concordia you have not only secured yourself some amazing opportunities and life changing experiences, but also some of the lowest fees. We believe money should never be a barrier for somebody who would like to volunteer abroad and so we keep the costs as low as possible. 

We have a set fee of £395, which is charged to every volunteer who wishes to join any of our overseas programmes. It is common to question why a fee is necessary if you are volunteering your efforts. Your contribution helps Concordia to partially cover the costs it incurs in order to administer your placement and run our international volunteer programme. The fee also helps cover the cost of your accommodation, food & in-country transport. 

Whatever project you choose, whether inside or outside Europe, you will get to meet many fellow international volunteers and experience different cultures and languages, both from living in a new country and from collaborating with people from all over the world. Most importantly, you will help empower local communities and support sustainable, long-term change and development.