Concordia is proud to be a Delivery Partner for the National Citizen Service programme (NCS) in the West Sussex area. Over the last 8 years Concordia has seen thousands of young people successfully completing the programme.

NCS is a life changing experience for 15, 16 and 17 year olds and is available to all young people in England, no matter what your background is or if you are at school or not.

NCS is a Government funded scheme to encourage young people to become more active in their local communities. During a four week programme, including two residential weeks away from home where Week 1 is an Adventure Centre for 4 nights and then after a weekend at home Week 2 takes place at University Halls. The young people build upon their life skills by developing teamwork, communication and independent living skills. Each group designs a social action volunteering project for a charity of their choice to help enhance their local community and make a difference, which further develops their confidence, self-awareness and responsibility.

Due to Covid-19, we are running Keep Doing Good (KDG) in place of the 4-week NCS programme. 

KDG is 2 weeks long and aims to help young people aged 15-17 to complete one million hours of volunteer work across July and August. Participants will have the opportunity to volunteer in food banks, charity shops, care homes, and other local community projects. 

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