Volunteer projects in the UK

Apart from recruiting and sending volunteers to community-based projects all around the world, Concordia also receive international volunteers who join a wide range of projects in the UK to help local communities.


UK projects might involve…
  • Supporting children’s playschemes and summer camps
  • Helping to run festivals
  • Working with adults and/or children with learning difficulties
  • Carrying out environmental work in local parks and nature reserves
  • Supporting educational community farms
  • Caring for the elderly

Check out our Summer 2020 UK projects!

Interested in volunteering in the UK?

If you want to volunteer in the UK, each year we recruit several volunteers as Group Coordinators. This role is fully funded by Concordia and is about leading our UK projects and looking after the international volunteers. Read more about our Group Coordinator opportunities here.

Otherwise you could join in as a regular volunteer, however, we only have few places each year for UK volunteers on UK programmes, as we need to keep a good mix of nationalities in the groups. To join as regular volunteer on our UK programmes you will have to pay the same fee as if you were going on a project abroad. You can find out more about costs and fees here.

International Volunteering in the UK as a NON-UK resident

Concordia is only able to accept applications from non-UK residents through our international partner organisations. If you are not living in the UK and are interested in taking part in a UK based volunteer project you need to apply through your sending organisation in your home country. Find your local sending organisation it you live within Europe here. If you live outside of Europe, go here.