Concordia works with 60+ local community partners all over the world in order to offer you the best possible volunteer opportunities, so you can be sure that you are genuinely support the communities you volunteer in. All our projects involve intercultural exchange so you can learn about the country you are visiting, meet people from local communities and have a change to use your skills and learn new ones.

Most of our projects have several objectives and benefits for the participant and for the local community. These are some of the types of project that we offer:

  • Agricultural
  • Art
  • Construction, renovation & manual
  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Environmental
  • Festivals
  • Language
  • Projects for under 18s
  • Social projects
  • Working with animals
  • Working with children
  • Working with the elderly
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Agricultural projects

We have hundreds of agricultural projects all over the world. You could volunteer at a conversation or nature reserve, or at a specialist biological centre, join a local community farming co-operative or on an organic farm. Often projects involving agriculture have a wider social benefit to them too, such as working with people with disabilities, raising awareness of sustainable farming and a chance to learn about agricultural practices and support local education programmes. Concordia is part of the European SOIL4LIFE initiative – which supports projects and raises awareness of the importance of soil in the fight against climate change. Many of our projects in this area support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Art projects

Our art projects are a great way to share skills you already have or learn new ones. You could be working on a collective art project or organising workshops, from music to painting, drama, photography or filming. The level of skills required varies greatly, from very basic to highly skilled projects. We also have projects where you can work with young people or the elderly. Other projects contribute to the organisation of an art related event or festival, involving people in the local community or raising awareness on specific issues like LGBTQ or women’s empowerment.


Construction, renovation and manual projects

We offer lots of projects that involve renovating or constructing buildings and infrastructure that has been identified as important by the local community. Projects in this area can involve renovating an old school, helping convert old buildings into social or community centres, or restoring old castles and historical buildings. These projects can be both rural and urban projects – and often involve a lot of manual work – so they are great if you want to get your hand dirty. We also have projects specifically that need volunteers to help on archaeological sites – digging, filing, researching and recording findings. These projects really suit people with an interest, enthusiasm or education in archaeology.


Cultural projects

All our projects encourage intercultural exchange between volunteers and local communities. However some of our projects are specifically focused on this. Projects can be organising or attending workshops, festival, events and educational or leisure activities on a topic or issue of intercultural importance such as eco-tourism, migration, asylum and refugeeism. We also have projects that work with indigenous communities and with social exclude groups. Many of our projects in this area support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Educational projects

Our education projects are vast and cover a huge range of practical and soft skill development – both for the participants and for the community the project is based in. Projects can be raising awareness on specific issues (like gender empowerment and equality, or international relations), teaching special skills like the arts or languages, or working with a marginalised group on a specific event or programme. We also have projects designed to enable you to share and develop your own skills. These could be in things like digital marketing, social media, NGO management, youth education and international development. Many of our projects in this area support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Environmental projects

Projecting the environment is our core ethos. This is reflected in the huge range of environmental projects we have on offer all over the world. We have projects working in general conservation management in national parks and reserves, creating habitats for wildlife, as well as raising awareness on environmental issues, recycling and sustainable development, amongst local communities and schools. Many of our projects in this area support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Festival projects

Over the summer especially, many local communities organise festivals to celebrate events, anniversaries and local traditions. We have lots of projects where you can be part of these incredible events. Volunteers on these projects often play key roles, setting up, welcoming visitors, and dismantling afterwards. It can be hard work with long hours, but also exciting and rewarding, with the chance to get involved in the activities, workshops and events. These projects can also be great for developing skills too, if project management, event management or NGO work is something you're interested in. 


Language projects

We offer lots of projects that are specifically focused on learning languages. We offer projects that support you to teaching languages in countries all over the world – these are great for getting experience of teaching or for people interested in TEFL programmes. We also have hundreds of projects that will specifically enable you to develop and learn new, or existing language skills. So, whether you want to practice your French, become fluent in Spanish or simply learn a new language you couldn’t learn elsewhere, our language projects will suit your level. Because all our projects involve international cultural exchange, nearly all of them also include an element of learning about the culture, people and language of the country you visit. On all our project profiles it will tell you what level of the local language we recommend you have in order to get the best experience.


Projects for under 18s

We offer volunteer projects specifically designed for under 18s. These projects include age-appropriate volunteer work, guided activities, and an educational programme that runs alongside the volunteering so that young people can learn skills – like languages, work-based skills and meet people from all over the world. Most under 18s projects run from June to September. We offer projects for under 18s in the UK and oversees. All projects are 1-2 weeks long.

If you’re a parent or career of a young person wish to go on one of our projects for under 18s we have additional information just for you.



Social projects

Our social projects are all developed with specialist local community organisations in each of our partner countries with the aim of supporting real issues identified by the community. We have projects that work with people: those with learning or physical disabilities, social excluded or marginalised people and groups, disadvantaged groups or specific groups of people – eg those in later life, those with specific conditions or those from certain communities eg Roma people or those from the LGBTQ community. We also have projects that run leisure activities for children and teenagers on a summer camp. Many of our projects in this area support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Working with animals

Our projects with animals are some of our most popular ones. We offer a varied selection of projects such as working on a wildlife rescue centre, saving the lives of baby turtles or tracking the biodiversity in reserves. Although we offer projects with animals we don't support or encourage volunteers to interact directly with wild animals, for the safety of animals and volunteers. We advise volunteers to avoid any unnecessary touching with wild animals for example, for our sea turtles projects volunteers should only touch the turtles when assisting them to the sea or cleaning them to prevent illness. Concordia does not support any conservation projects that keeps wild animals in captive, unnatural environments as these places are often untrustworthy and are only required in very specific circumstances. The work on many animal projects will also involve nature conservation, environmental education and restoration of fragile ecosystems. Many of our projects in this area support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Working with children

We offer several different opportunities for those wanting to volunteer with children. Our projects include supporting local educators with English and Maths lessons, teaching special skills like arts, sports or English, as well as alternative, extracurricular activities. The projects help children improving their literacy and numeracy as well as a language skills and physical activity. Some projects are especially focused on creative and cultural workshops. Our projects with children focuse at lot on intercultural exchange which both volunteers and the local community benefit from. Many projects will also not be focused exclusively on children, but rather on working with the entire community with health advice and language development. Concordia also offers volunteer opportunities in children's hospitals or homes for children with additional needs. These projects involves supporting children both in and after treatment, assisting the teachers and organise various physical and creative workshops for the children.

We are aware of the ethical issues regarding volunteering with children and we are extremely careful with the projects we choose to partner up with. Fore more information please see our article on ethical volunteering. Many of our projects in this area support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Working with the elderly

Our projects with elderly people focuse both on emotional and physical support. Thesw projects are either take place in one care centre, or just within the local community. Apart from providing companionship and conversation, the work generally involves participating in activities such as physical exercise or workshops like sewing, cooking, arts and crafts, as well as assisting the regular staff in other daily activities. Older people are more vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation so your company is an invaluable support to their health and well-being. Volunteering on a project working with the elderly gives you the opportunity to make them feel valued, while also benefiting from their advice, experiences and friendship. This experience will help improve your soft skills such as communication and independence.