Concordia has been recruiting workers from countries all over the world to come and work on UK farms since 1943. What is now known today as our Seasonal Workers programme, allows our participants to travel somewhere new, earn money, and gain new skills and experiences, so that they can thrive. Our main focus is always the safety and security of our workers, and so when they face challenges, we want to help. 

Why have we launched this Pay No Fees campaign? 

We have received reports from some participants on our Seasonal Workers programme that they have paid fees to unauthorised third party organisations, with the false promise of 'guaranteed' work on a UK farm. This is strictly illegal under UK law and completely unethical. Our participants only pay for their VISA and travel costs, with insurance, translation and many more services, offered at no extra cost by Concordia.

Although the practice of charging additional fees is illegal in the UK, it is not always illegal in the countries where our International Agents are based. These unauthorised third party organisations often intimidate participants so much that they feel forced to pay these fees. With the Pay No Fees campaign, we want all our participants to feel empowered to say no. 

New Press Release

Our No Fee Campaign was launched on 27th April 2022 - here is an updated press release 15th June 2022

Read New Press Release 

Campaign Materials

Below is a link to a variety of downloaded materials, all of which explain that participants should never pay fees. Please support our participants by using them and sharing where possible. Help us put an end to these unfair and corrupt practices by spreading the message of #PayNoFees

Download No Fee Campaign Materials