Teen volunteer projects abroad

Concordia offers amazing opportunities for volunteers aged 16-17 who wants to volunteer on a project in Europe. Most of the projects run from June to September, for example in Germany, France, Italy, Estonia, Turkey and few more destinations. There are two different forms of teenage projects but all of them are in European countries. The first option is to volunteer on a project specially designed for young people aged 16 to 17 years old. The second option is projects that are open for volunteers from age 16 and up. For example, Germany has several young people's programmes for people between 16 and 26 years old. 

Volunteers will always volunteer within a community and can take part in many different types of work. The most common projects available for under 18s are:

  • Environmental work
  • Renovation and manual work
  • Festivals

Find your volunteer project on our project page - just remember to select Europe in the filters as we currently only offer teen projects in European countries. Some European projects unfortunately can't accept volunteers under 18 years so please make sure to look for any age requirements in the project description.


Teen volunteer projects in the UK 

If you are aged 15-17, live in the UK and don’t want to travel abroad to do your volunteering, you also have the opportunity to join our international volunteer projects based in the UK. Each year we host several projects where teenagers from all over the world help local communities with environmental work, as well as supporting local events and festivals.

As we need to keep a balance of nationalities in these projects, we only have few places available for UK volunteers on these projects.

We ask volunteers to pay the same fees that you would pay if you went on a project abroad. Read more about fees and costs involved here.

If you are interested in joining one of our UK projects for teenagers, please contact our UK Programme Coordinator at Concordia on [email protected] or call 01273 422218.