Concordia fully supports the global Black Lives Matter movement. We recognise that it's not enough to just not be racist - we need to be actively anti-racism. 

Structural racism is encrypted in the very fabric of society - our history, our institutions and our policies.

      - Runnymede Trust, 2019

Racism is not just about the discriminatory and offensive actions of specific individuals: it is about who in society has more power, who is deemed worthy, and who receives protection. Although we have a zero-tolerance approach to racism on our international volunteer projects and work placements, we are working on ways to prevent these difficult situations from happening. We want our global programs to encourage intercultural learning and understanding. 

We audit our agents annually. This includes ensuring that they have a comprehensive Equal Opportunities Policy and that it is clearly displayed and easily accessed. 

CCIVS does a huge amount of advocacy and networking to fight for a just world without discrimination where everyone can fully enjoy their human rights. As a member, we are heavily involved in this. Similarly, The Alliance has an Access for All working group which aims to make international volunteering accessible to all. 

If you have any concerns or questions about the way we work, please contact us. Concordia will continue to try to dismantle racist structures and educate ourselves and others. 

Here are some great resources

Reframing Race - Runnymede Trust

Stand Up to Racism

BMECP Centre – a sustainable resource centre which champions the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) community in Brighton and Hove and supports BME communities and their families. 

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