Concordia is committed to improving local communities globally through sustainable and beneficial volunteer projects. We are focused on what different communities need support with, ensuring that our goals are aligned with the individuals or groups in need.   

 Once volunteers return home, they have the opportunity to lead a volunteer project both here in the UK or abroad. Some members of the Volunteer Team in the Concordia office were previously Concordia volunteers themselves. In addition, we have taken on interns from the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex who have gone on to be permanent full-time staff in our Brighton office. The experiences you have as a volunteer provide you with invaluable transferable skills.

Not only do we make a positive difference in other countries, we also are deeply invested in the well-being of our local communities. Concordia’s delivery of the NCS programme in West Sussex has helped to improve the lives of many young people. In Summer 2019, 258 young people graduated from the NCS programme. Successful completion of NCS involves planning charity events and presenting ideas to local business owners & Members of Parliament. Alongside making life-long friendships and having fun, our NCS graduates have now gained new skills and improved their self-confidence. In total our NCS participants invested 7,080 hours into positive action in their local community. Our NCS graduates can then join our Youth Group who perform charity work in the local community. Some of our Youth Group’s previous work has been in food banks and animal shelters.

As a part of the International Voluntary Service (IVS Movement), Concordia has helped in the delivery of over 5,000 projects across 84 countries. These 5,000 projects amount to 3 million hours of volunteer work. In addition to volunteer work, we are involved with the IVS Movement’s campaigns for global justice and equity, such as: Freedom of MovementClimate JusticeRaising Peace & Soil Protection