As a charity, Concordia keeps our costs to a minimum so more people have the opportunity to volunteer abroad. But volunteering does cost money. You'll need to pay for your travel and have spending money when you're travelling at the very least. So it's worth thinking about how to cover your expenses either way.

We have a set fee of £395 and some projects do have additional fees. Often to help cover the costs, volunteers fundraise. 


Fundraising is an excellent way to help you go volunteer abroad. That’s not to say that fundraising is an easy option – it’s hard work. You need to be organised, hard working and motivated but it will be worth it to achieve your goal to volunteer on a community project you have always wanted to do.

Concordia can support you to fundraise - whatever you goal is. 

Download our Guide to Fundraising for more ideas and inspiration.

Grants and awards

There are organisations that support people to go abroad to do great things through grants and awards. These usually are linked to the objectives of the grant provider - so you might need to be from a particular part of the UK, or from a community they are keen to support. With the right research, pre-planning and support you might be able to find support through these scholarships and travel grants: