Concordia has a set fee of £250 which is charged to every individual volunteering abroad. After we've told you more about the project/s you're interested in and told us that you want a place, we will send you the link to our online application form. This online form is done through a platform called PLATO - PLATO acts a project database. We use this database as it allows your application to be immediately viewed by our partner host organisation. This is used to cover the cost of food, accommodation, in-country transport as well as help and support directly from our office in the UK. 

Some host organisations do ask for an additional fee – generally these countries are within Africa, Asia & Latin America. This additional fee will either be in Euros or Dollars and is paid on arrival to the volunteer project. 

You must pay for & organise your own travel to & from the meeting point specified in your Info Sheet. Please try as best as you can to plan your travel so that it does fit with the meeting point and time as this makes the journey to the venue much easier for both yourself and the host organisation. If you cannot reach the meeting point at the requested time, you must inform as soon as possible so that we can ensure your safe and timely arrival to the project.  

Many of our volunteers fundraise to cover costs. Head to our fundraising page for advice.