Costa Rica is in central America and is known for its beaches, mountain ranges, volcanoes and varied wildlife.

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Environmental Projects

In the past, we have had a vast number of environmental projects take place in Costa Rica. Here are some examples:

  • Assisting in a butterfly garden
  • Conservation of native plant species
  • Conservation and environmental education
  • Development of eco-tourism programmes
  • Maintaining nature trails
  • Reforestation

Social Projects

Our volunteers have also taken part in social projects such as the care of the elderly and children, as well as help in the coordination of local community projects. Here are some examples of their past work:

  • Providing additional support in local hospitals 
  • Organise exercise classes
  • Running creative workshops in art, music and drama
  • Assisting in local schools
  • Doing cooking and cleaning for people with additional needs

Animal Protection Projects

Costa Rica has a richly diverse eco-system and so its native animals require protection from harm, such as poachers. Here are some of our previous animal focused projects:

  • Assisting with cleaning and feeding in rescue centres
  • Cleaning beaches
  • Ensuring optimal conditions for nesting turtles
  • Patrolling beaches at night to protect turtle eggs from poachers
  • Watching baby turtles hatching to ensure they make it safely to the sea