Concordia is continuing operations as normal. Our staff are able to work from home and we can continue to run all our activities remotely regardless of any government announcements concerning reduced social interaction.

If you are an overseas participant on our seasonal workers programme, we are pleased to continue to welcome you to the UK. However please make sure that your travel is compatible with the most recent recommendations of health authorities with regards to the spread of COVID-19. In case you are travelling from, or recently travelled through a higher risk area, please check the health recommendations of the country, as restrictions may apply (e.g. ban, quarantine, isolation). We will gladly be at your assistance if cannot find this information yourself.

If you are a farm in our network, we are sending you regular updates on the situation as it unfolds. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure that you have the labour you need during this time; we are moving your requests for labour between agents and countries to maximise our support to you. Our agents continue to recruit participants and we are continuing to bring participants into the UK. We are also working closely with the government and other stakeholders such as the NFU and ALP to ensure that as a sector we can support you as best we can. The issues at present are no workers not wishing to travel but flights being unavailable. We will continue to provide all our participants with the best possible package of insurance, support and care; travel being cancelled is covered by the Concordia participant insurance. If you are concerned about anything please do get in touch with the team at [email protected].

If you are one of our agent partners, we will continue to be in contact with you regarding the situation and plan of action in your individual countries. We are committed to working with you to ensure that we can get programme participants into the UK to work. If you need any additional information please do get in touch with the team at [email protected]

As an international charity working across the globe our heartfelt love and support goes out to everyone affected by Coronavirus right now. We are working with all our stakeholders across the globe to ensure that the safety and security of our staff, volunteers and the communities we work with are prioritised. Whilst UK borders are open, we will continue to welcome people who want to come to work or volunteer here.