Argentina is in South America. Its terrain includes part of the Andes mountain range, the incredible Iguazu Falls, swamps, huge glaciers, the plains of the Pampas, and a very long coastline. Famous for its wine production and brilliant footballers, Argentina is also the birthplace of the Tango dance. In the south is Ushauia - famous as the southernmost city in the world.

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Social Projects

A variety of socially-focused volunteer projects take place in Argentina. Here are some examples of past social projects

  • Helping NGOs in the re-design of their website & making digital content
  • Fundraising for local charities 
  • Assisting in communitarian kitchens

Educational Projects

Here are some examples of some past education-focused projects

  • Volunteers participating in intercultural workshops to learn more about Argentina's heritage & traditions
  • Organising workshops about healthy eating and nutrition
  • Volunteers participating in discussions about how to improve social projects & their lasting impact

Environmental Projects

Argentina faces many environmental problems such as deforestation & pollution through mass-farming. Here are some examples of our past environmental focused projects

  • Maintaining local vegetable gardens
  • Producing organic food
  • Promoting the production & use of locally grown produce