Concordia is an international charity based in Brighton, UK. Since our founding in 1943, we have been committed to national, international volunteering and work placements, to promote intercultural understanding and peace.

Concordia was originally created to recruit volunteer labour to help with the war effort and to encourage peace and reconciliation in the aftermath of the Second World War. Since then, we have supported nearly three-quarters of a million people to undertake intercultural exchanges all over the world.

Our work as a charity provides three core services: NCS (National Citizen Service), International Volunteering and Seasonal Farm Work.

As part of two of the biggest international volunteer networks, the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and the Committee for International Voluntary Service Organisations (CCIVS), we share with them quality standards for our projects as well as the ethos that drives our work. 

Each year in March, we release over 1500 volunteer projects that take place all over the world. Our projects take place mostly during the summer and tend to be short term, so you can fit your experience around work and study commitments. We do have also longer projects for those who want to spend more time volunteering abroad.

Concordia supports the UK farming industry through the supply of labour, skills and resources. We offer people of all ages from all over the world the opportunity to work in the UK on agricultural farms to learn skills and earn money.

We believe that the ethical supply of labour is vital to the UK farming industry and to promoting intercultural understanding and peace. Concordia is also one of two government trusted and recognised organisations that provides work permits to non-EU workers. Our ethos of excellent customer service, professionalism, reliable labour provision and training ensures we are the number one choice for the UK agricultural industry.

Concordia is proud to be a Delivery Partner for the National Citizen Service programme (NCS) in the West Sussex area. Over the last 8 years, we have seen thousands of young people successfully completing the programme. NCS is a life-changing experience available to all 15, 16 and 17 year olds in England, no matter what your background is or if you are at school or not. It's a Government-funded scheme to encourage young people to become more active in their local communities.

Although our areas of work vary, they are all motivated by our desire to make the world a better place. We are constantly striving to strengthen our core values: Integrity, Professionalism, Partnership, Innovation and International.