As well as supporting young people through NCS and international volunteering, we also empower young farmers in collaboration with the National Farmers Union (NFU).

A large percentage of the workers we place on farms are young and want to get more work experience, explore somewhere new, while earning a fair wage. Concordia's international farming programme allows them to do so. 

Through our partnership with the NFU, we are able to maintain a positive and productive living and working environment on British farms for our hardworking young people. In return, those living in the UK get to enjoy British produce grown, packaged and delivered to our supermarkets at the highest quality. 

The NFU runs 12-month development programmes which allow young people to learn about the farming sector, all the way from field to fork. NFU membership is free for students and allows them to get involved in local community projects. Membership also entitles students to discounts on workwear, conference tickets and days out at Merlin Entertainment parks and resorts.

In July 2020, 11 students and young farmers were selected by the NFU to represent every region in England and Wales: the NFU Students and Young Farmers Ambassador Programme. The NFU also runs the Student Farmer Magazine so that workers can stay up to date with important developments within their industry. Both our own programmes and our partners allow Concordia to continue to learn and understand the farming sector from the point of view of young people. 

Go here to learn more about our Seasonal Works Programme.