"Raising Peace is a networking initiative that aims to contribute to the construction of peace, the guarantee of human rights all over the world, and to highlight the role that International Voluntary Service (IVS) plays in this field. The campaign achieves this through advocating for human rights, non-formal education training and capacity building, empowerment of activists and organisations and through communication and visibility campaigns." - CCIVS Website

During Global Human Rights Week 2019, Concordia and other CCIVS members took to social media to spread the word about the importance of peace and international collaboration. However, this online presence is only one small part of our and our partner's efforts in the fight for equality. 

Raising Peace focuses on the following themes:
- Human Rights for All
- Refugees & Migrants, Freedom of Movement
- Right to live in Peace
- Gender Rights
- Right to Food & Housing
- Right to Participation
All actions implemented by partners of the campaign focus on one or more of these themes. During the Global Human Rights week we seek to highlight the work implemented and to share expertise on these rights.

As one of the leading global international voluntary services movement, with grassroots, community-based organisations across the entire world, we have a duty to take a leading role in the promotion of good human rights practices through our actions and work. It is also critical that we continue to sensitize our global members to remain resilient to the campaign for sound human rights approaches as well as employing multiple sectional approach in our work.  As we mark this week, we should remain focused on the bigger picture of making peace and human rights a reality for all people across the world.

- Ratherford Mwaruta, CCIVS Executive Committee Member, Vice-President For Africa