Gender Equality and Human Rights are at the heart of all of Concordia’s practices, aims and goals.

Both networks CCIVS and Alliance, have working groups that are focused on the promotion of gender equality. 

CCVIS's research and stance on gender equality.

The Gender Equality Working Group (GEWG), founded in January 2017, has the purpose of promoting gender equality as one of the core values of the Alliance. They assure the development of the network and its member organisations, within the context of gender equality. The GEWG continues to do so by providing educational opportunities for Alliance members as well as awareness rising strategies such as Common Action Days. It also functions as a body that assesses the needs for development of the network regarding the topic of gender equality as well as providing information and tools that can be implemented to address these needs.

In November 2018, the Alliance General Assembly approved their Alliance Policy Paper on Gender Equality. 


Read their Strategic Plan for 2019-2020 here: Alliance_Gender_Equality_Strategic_Plan.pdf 

Helpful resources related to Gender Equality & Human Rights: 

Women's Human Rights - Amnesty International

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