Help develop various environmental projects across Brighton during this volunteer project. 



After a successful project last year, Concordia will host a group of international teenagers this summer in Brighton to work on an environmental project. The project will be a combination of environmental & manual work with local organisations working within the field of environmental sustainability.

With the Permaculture Trust the group will be involved in manual work, maintenance of the garden, watering, planting and digging, as well as learning about the work with the local community. With Brighton and Hove parks the group will instead help in various maintenance and environmental tasks in the parks surrounding the city, especially the South Downs National Park.

The volunteers should be ready to work outdoors. Based on the topic environmental & sustainability, the group will get an understanding of sustainable development, permaculture and the sustainability work being done in Brighton & Hove. The volunteering will be carried out on various sites in the city.

Cultural visits and leisure activities will be organised together with the group with the aim of practising the English language.


The accommodation will be at the Hub, University of Brighton, in Coldean, a suburb in the North-east of Brighton in student rooms. Each volunteer will have their own room with a bed, and share bathroom and shower. There will be WiFi provided. Please note that the plugs will be British three-pin (rectangular) standard. 

Three meals will be provided during the full stay of the project. The volunteers are expected to take part in the cooking, where everyone does their part according to their rota.

Beds are provided. The group will be in charge of cooking.

Any reported dietary requirements will be provided, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten and any types of allergies. 



The project will take place in Brighton, East Sussex, England. Brighton is a vibrant city where the volunteers will explore British culture and develop their language skills. Cultural visits and leisure activities will be organised together with the group. Visits to close-by sites will ensure that the group get the whole feeling of the city.

Surrounding Brighton is the South Downs, a national park providing great hiking opportunities to reach great views of the county.


  • You must be 16-17 years old to take part in this project
  • You will need to write a motivational letter explaining why you want to take part in this project
  • The project language is English and so volunteers need to be able to speak English at a good level
  • You will need to have a parent/guardian complete a consent form
  • There is an extra fee of £420

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If you are interested in taking part in this project, please contact us.