Concordia is proud to be one of the two selected operators of the Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme, which runs until December 2020. In 2020 the Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme allows us to bring in 5,000 workers from outside the EU to work in edible horticulture - an increase from 1,250 workers in 2019. Labour is a vital component to the success of the UK’s edible horticultural industry. Every year UK growers and farmers face a huge shortage in labour. The expansion of the Seasonal Worker Pilot quota is effective immediately (announced 19th February 2020: Concordia has successfully implemented the Pilot scheme over the past year, working very closely with Defra, the Home Office and the UK farming sector.

Our approach is to support the whole labour supply chain, ensuring the highest ethical standard in the sector. Workers do not pay our agents any optional non-recruitment fees, have free travel insurance, a comprehensive care package and are placed at farms that have invested time and resource into training, amenities and participant welfare. We have committed to the Government that the non-EU workers will go to areas of greatest needs in terms of geography and crop. This information is ascertained through dialogue with the NFU, as well as utilising our own labour data. Our preference is for workers to go to farms who can take a large group, to avoid the workers feeling isolated.

If you are a worker who would like to take part in the scheme, please contact our agents in your country directly. If successfully selected for a placement, you will receive your Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) number from Concordia, then need to obtain a visa via your local visa centre. Your agent will support you with this process.

These are the countries that we are currently working with:







Should you live outside of these countries and wish to apply then you would need to contact one of our agents to arrange a face to face interview and travel to that agent to have this interview conducted. It is not guaranteed that you will be successful in your application.