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Monday April 9th, 2018


Wanting to get more out your summer?

Concordia is offering two inspirational youth exchanges this summer hosted by our partner in Italy and a co-hosted exchange between Concordia and PeaceWorks Sweden. This means great opportunities for anyone looking for something different to do this summer – free of charge.

To register your interest in one, or both, projects either as a participant or leader, please contact Victor here.

Creating Social Projects in Sweden & UK

Place and timing

The youth exchange will consist of three different phases;

Phase 1 – Stockholm, Sweden 26th May to 1st June 2018

Phase 2 – organised by the groups in their home countries.

Phase 3 – Brighton, UK 5th to 11th August 2018

The youth exchange will gather 8 teenagers age 16 to 18 and 2 leaders who’s role is to go with the group to Sweden and support the group during the different phases.

What is the training about?

The training is aiming at training young people in Sweden and UK in social entrepreneurship, with key elements in planning and implementing a social project, presentation skills and led evaluation to further empower and encourage the youth post event. The training is also arranged in order to foster intercultural understanding between the two countries, in order to empower the youth to carry on their local change.

Who can participate?

Young people (age 16-18) interested in the topic. Especially welcome to the projects will be social mixed young people coming from disadvantaged areas, both suburban as well as rural.

Aim and objectives

The youth exchange aims to empower young people in Sweden and England to start and lead their own social project, but also foster intercultural dialogue between the youth groups through visits and encounters.

More specifically;

  • To understand the processes of setting up a project
  • To plan and implement a project; define, target, evaluate, cooperation
  • To learn by doing; marketing, promotion, budgeting
  • To promote exchanges of differences and experiences from country of origin.
  • To empower the participants in order to engage and contribute to their local community
  • To validate and recognise the learned competences gained throughout the project.

 The methodology

The whole project will be based on non-formal education, following the non-formal education main pillars;

  • Flexibility, being learner-centred, contextualised and based on the promotion of participatory approaches;
  • Horizontal cooperation, where facilitators and experts create a shared learning path with participants and trainees, encouraging the exchange of knowledge;
  • Personal empowerment though self-esteem raising, development of the self-confidence, competences and skills development.

This methodology will also permit to deal with the thematic in plenary with due regard to personal approaches and situations.

How Are EU..? – Youth Work to Promote Intercultural Learning amongst teenagers

THEME: teenager projects, youth exchanges & intercultural learning

This project offer opportunities to both youth workers and young people.

Place and timing

  • The training course for future leaders will be in July – 3 places available (age 18+)
  • The Young exchange will take place in October (8th – 17th) – 6 places available (age 16-18)

Please note that all dates need to be confirmed and no travel arrangements shall be done before confirmation has been given from Concordia.

What is the training about?

The project answered the common need within the network; to further develop new projects involving teenagers and to enhance the quality, in terms of methodologies and pedagogical approaches, in projects targeted to the set age group.

The current proposed project “HOW ARE EU…? Youth work to promote ICL among teenagers” , aims to make a step forward to involve young people, to develop active citizenship, inclusion and participation.

Who can participate?

  • Target group for Leaders: youth workers/peer educators and youth leaders who coordinate international projects and youth exchanges with young people and teenagers in their home countries.
  • Target group for the young exchange: teenagers (16 and 18 years old)

The methodology

the whole project will be based on non-formal education – NFE methodologies. For this reason, it will be articulated following the NFE main pillars:

  • being learner-centred, contextualised and based on the promotion of participatory approaches;
  • horizontal approach: it will be created a shared learning path between facilitators and experts and trainees and young people, encouraging the exchange of knowledge;
  • personal empowerment though self-esteem raising, development of the self confidence, competences and skills development;
  • learning by doing approach: participants are learning by the concrete experience and the permanent interaction among each other’s;
  • flexibility: the methodologies will be re-adapted during the process, taking into account the needs of participants and of the different actors involved.


Ready to go?

To register your interest in one, or both, projects either as a participant or leader, please contact Victor here.

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