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Thursday March 23rd, 2017


This summer, 5 young people from UK will join youths from Estonia, Italy, France and Greece for a 9 day to develop tools and methods to address gender-related issues and bring wider awareness.


Voluntary service experiences and workcamps are worldwide considered a powerful tool to involve young people, to develop active citizenship, inclusion and participation. They are even more effective for underaged young people, living the transition period of the adolescence where their personality and sexuality is in process of being shaped and where cross-sectorial issues touching social, personal and cultural development might appear. In this phase, it might increase the general disinterest in studies and in learning in its different shapes, factors that can challenge the development of their future, personal path.

The aim of this youth exchange is to raise awareness on gender discrimination and gender-sensitive issues among teenagers, by allowing them to acquire an intercultural perspective of gender, to recognise the stage and causes of gender-based conflicts and consequently intervene to manage them among other groups of peers. Two leaders from Concordia, already trained on the topic, will join the group for the youth exchange for the full length.

Application documents:


Breakdown & requirements

  • Dates: 3-12th July (3rd is arrival and 12th is departure)
  • Age limit: 16-18
  • Deadline for applications 14th April
  • Travel reimbursement: 170€ (travel cost above this need to be covered by the participant)
  • Accommodation & food included (fully covered)

All completed applications are to be sent to Victor via this e-mail address.



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