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Thursday June 14th, 2018


You might have heard of a little thing happening in Russia this summer called World Cup…

The international games spirit might give you the itch to visit other countries and meet people from around the world. Volunteering abroad could just be the answer to that!

All you have to do is go to our Facebook page or Instagram account  and comment who is going to be the winner on the “Match of the day” post, and you can win £40 off from your administration fee. If you guess right, you will receive the discount to apply for any international volunteering project.

The first “Match of the day” is going to be today Russia X Saudi Arabia: who do think is going to win?

And don’t worry if don’t guess right on the first time, there’s going to be daily opportunities for you to guess until the 28th June.


Good luck!


Terms and conditions:

  • Comments on the post must be made before the match starts
  • Any comments made during or after will be disregarded
  • Only one discount can be applied per project. No multiple discounts are allowed.
  • Discount will expire at the end of 2018
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