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Why choose Concordia

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We are a charity with over 70 years’ experience

Concordia is a charity founded in 1943 to encourage peace and reconciliation in the aftermath of the Second World War. Since then we have been committed to national and international volunteering as a means to promoting intercultural understanding and peace. Together with our volunteers we created a document that sums up what Concordia is about and why we do what we do. Read our Charter of Values here.

We offer high standard projects as members of two highly regarded international networks

As part of two of the biggest international volunteer networks, the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and the Committee for International Voluntary Service Organisations (CCIVS), we share with them quality standards for our projects as well as the ethos that drives our work.

We offer over 1500 projects worldwide each year

In March each year we release over 1500 volunteer projects that take place all over the world. As well as offering placements out of Europe, Concordia works closely with many European organisations. Our projects take place mostly during the summer and tend to be short term, so you can fit your experience around work and study commitments. We do have also longer projects for those who want to spend more time volunteering abroad.

We keep our fees low

As a charity we want to keep costs low to make international volunteering as accessible as possible. Our fees only cover a small part of our running costs, and we use other funding streams to run our organisation and various programmes.

We have excellent reviews from our volunteers

Our volunteers come back with amazing experiences and reviews.

  • 98% of our volunteers rate Concordia as either very good or good.
  • 96% rate their experience either very good or good.
  • On a score from 1 to 5, where 1 is very poor and 5 very good, the average score for our volunteers’ experience abroad with Concordia is 4.5

Read what other websites are saying about us.

Read our volunteers’ stories.

We are delivery partner for NCS

We deliver the National Citizen Service programme (NCS) in West Sussex, and we have supported hundreds of youngsters aged 16 -17 in 4 week programmes aimed at increasing their confidence, skills and commitment to their local communities. This, combined with our international volunteering programmes, means that we have developed a vast experience in working and supporting young people.

We offer opportunities to develop your experience once back in the UK

Your experience with Concordia doesn’t end with your project. If you want to develop your leadership and organisational skills, once you have finished your project you could carry on volunteering for us in various roles such as a co-ordinator on one of our international projects in the UK or as a group leader on one of our group volunteering projects abroad. You will receive full training and we will also cover your travel, food and accommodation. You just need to give us your time and pay a small fee to cover the training.

We can also offer you places on training events and seminars organised by our partner organisations on topics such as leadership, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, gender equality and more. These positions are usually funded by the EU or other international institutions.

Finally, we also need paid staff to help us to deliver the NCS programme. For more information please go to


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