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Monday July 13th, 2015



Here are three great volunteer opportunities from our EastWest Programme. Have a look and see how you can do the most out of your late summer.


FRANCE: CONCF-099-15 VILLEMOMBLE 29/07/2015 – 12/08/2015 Artistic theme / Manual work

With the local children you will take part in the realisation of an ambitious urban art project to revitalize a passage between two parts of the residence. Perfect for the artistic volunteer that want to put his/hers print on the wall!


ITALY: CPI26 Make it Blue III : 30/07/15-16/08/15, Environmental

Located on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, Minori is a well-visited tourist destination since the Roman era. Told to be the birthplace of pasta, you’re up for a treat and the new haven’t even started on the landscapes surrounding the beach area.

As a volunteer, you will work together with locals to help maintain the public beach, clean the water using a paddle boat and coordinate the usage of umbrella-beach holders. You will also engage in children activities to raise the awareness of sea side protection and the surround environment.


FINLAND ALLI19    FinnCulture    Punkaharju   3.8-14.8. Cultural / Environmental 

Get to know the culture of Finland! For this project, you will combine various outdoor work while learning the Finnish language and joining cultural classes. As leisure activities, you can visit local sights such as art centre, forest museum and other attractions nearby before jumping in the steaming hot sauna.



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