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Introduction to UK Programme

Concordia works as part of a network of organisations across the world known as the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and it is within this network that we exchange volunteers. Every year, each of these organisations spend the winter months preparing their projects for the coming summer.

In the spring, all of the organisations meet to promote their programme of projects and agree how many volunteer places each organisation can have. The more places on UK projects Concordia can offer to these partner organisations the more volunteers we can send abroad. Therefore the success of the UK programme is vital to the success of Concordia.

Each year international volunteers support a range of projects in the UK which include conservation work, supporting children’s playschemes and summer camps, helping to run festivals and working with adults with learning difficulties.

Concordia works with non-profit making community organisations, local charities, local authorities, youth and environmental groups. Concordia provide volunteers to support their work and in exchange the host organisation provides food and accommodation for the volunteers. Concordia also arrange for one or two group co-ordinators to join each project to represent Concordia and ensure that everything runs smoothly. The UK Programme is always on the look out for responsible volunteers to co-ordinate our short term residential projects; we provide full training, cover travel expenses and ask for a minimum of 2 weeks commitment usually in the summer months.

Volunteering in the UK

Picture of UK volunteersThe UK programme is always evolving with new host organisations running projects each year.

Therefore the UK programme is different from year to year. The season normally runs from June to September and we run a spring project around Easter time.

How to apply for a UK project if you are a UK resident

There are places available for UK volunteers to participate in the UK programme although these places are limited because we want the group to be as internationally diverse as possible and try to avoid having more than 2 people from the same nationality on any one project. If you are interested in participating in a project in the UK please email: for more information.

UK programme 2010

We also have last minute opportunities for UK volunteers to participate in UK projects and when these are available they will be advertised on our notice board.


The cost of a UK project is £150, this includes food and accommodation.

The additional costs you will need to cover are:

  • The cost of your travel to and from the project
  • Personal and travel insurance as your personal property and travel are not covered but all volunteers on UK projects are provided by a basic covered which includes accident, illness and third party insurance.
  • Spending money: you will need some money to enjoy some free time activities. We recommend budgeting for around £30-£40 a week.

“I have never done something so rewarding, challenging and tiring all at the same time”A volunteer on a children’s project

Non-UK residents

Concordia is only able to accept applications from non UK residents through our international partner organisations. If you are not a resident of the UK and are interested in taking part in a UK based volunteer project you need to apply through your sending organisation in your home country.

“I had some prejudices about England before this workcamp but after such a nice experience with British people in their nice country I positively changed my mind” A volunteer on an environmental project

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