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How we work together

International Volunteering in the UK - how we work together

What we’re looking for…

Most importantly, the hosting organisation must be not-for-profit and community based. Volunteers must not be replacing paid staff (though they can work alongside paid staff), but doing something extra.

Our projects are typically group activities, so there needs to be enough work for 3-15 volunteers to undertake in 1-4 weeks. And of course the work needs to be interesting and worthwhile.


  • have 3 – 15 international volunteers
  • run from 1 – 4 weeks, usually June to September
  • have volunteers who are all 18+
  • have volunteers who speak some English (we request a good level of English for projects with children)

Concordia will provide a co-ordinator – an experienced volunteer – to look after the group in their free time, organise the food shopping, getting the group to work on time and so on.

As the host you would be responsible for covering the cost of the food, accommodation and if necessary the transport from the accommodation to the work site. We recommend budgeting £3.75 per volunteer per day for food, or you can provide the food itself if you wish. The accommodation only needs to be very basic – on many of our projects the volunteers sleep on mats on the floor or camp beds, which the volunteers or Concordia can provide, and they’ll bring their own sleeping bags. The host is responsible for ensuring that the accommodation is insured to sleep in and is safe.

Concordia will:

  • promote the project with our partner organisations and find the volunteers
  • provide an experienced and trained co-ordinator who will look after the group outside of work hours and also help to supervise them during the work
  • undertake all of the administration required and also assist volunteers who need a visa by liaising with the British Embassy in their home country and writing official invitations for the volunteers
  • provide support during the project including 24 hour emergency support for the duration of the project
  • provide a social budget for the group to use in their free time
  • provide basic accident, illness and third party insurance for the volunteers for the duration of the project, however the host must have public liability insurance for the work and the accommodation.

Interested in hosting?

If you think you or your organisation would benefit from a Concordia project please contact the UK Volunteer Programme Co-ordinator on 01273 422 218 or for more information and an information pack.

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