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Co-ordinating in the UK

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We are now looking for Co-ordinators for Summer 2019

If you are interested in becoming one of our Group Co-ordinators for please email or call 01273 422218 for more information.

What is it all about 

Co-ordinating is about helping volunteers get the most from their experience. It ensures the smooth running of the project and is as rewarding as it is fun.

On most of our UK projects we need one or two experienced volunteers to represent Concordia and help the project run smoothly. The co-ordinators act as a link between the host organisation, the international volunteers and Concordia. The co-ordinators work alongside the volunteers, and also help the group to organise their day to day living and free time. The co-ordinators manage a budget for food and social activities, to make sure the everyone gets their fair share of work and fun.

Make sure you’re ready

To become a co-ordinator you need to attend a weekend training session with Concordia (13th – 14th April 2019).

As we are still looking for a few more coordinators for this summer, we might organise another training day in May – if you are interested in participating and want to have more information about it please email or call 01273 422218

A rewarding experience

Co-ordinating one of our UK international summer projects gives you the opportunity to work with young people from all over the world, discover new parts of the UK,  improve your leadership skills as well as managing logistics, budgets and supporting residential projects. Read here what our past coordinators say about their experience.


You’ll make a big contribution. First, we need to ask for a small one.

We ask for a small contribution of £40 towards the training weekend, to cover the cost of the venue, food, which will be provided, materials and staffing. If you go on to successfully co-ordinate a project we will cover your travel costs, not only for the project but for the training weekend too. All co-ordinators join the project for free.

How to apply

If you would like to know more about co-ordinating a UK project simply download and have a read through ourAdobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 Co-ordinator Booklet.

If you’d like to apply, please complete the Word-icon Co-ordinator Application form and return the form to Concordia at

For more information you can also email Francesco Bonini on  or call 01273 422218.


Additional opportunities

Once you have co-ordinated a project in the UK, you may have the opportunity to co-ordinate on of our groups overseas– sometimes at short notice.


“Having been a volunteer 7 times I thought it was about time to take some responsibility and be the focus for a group of volunteers! It was easier than I expected in some ways (keeping the group together, ensuring everyone was happy with social activities etc) but harder in others (keeping motivation up and coping with constant questions!) Overall it was a great learning experience- I feel a huge sense of achievement for having co-ordinated a group of very different people, doing a great job and showing them that England is the best! It was exhausting, but that didn’t matter and all my volunteers said I was a great co-ordinator. Would I do it again? Quite possibly…”

Louise Treves Co-ordinator

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