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NCS Leader training

Do you have experience of working with young people and want to help deliver an amazing programme to develop young peoples potential and support local communities? The being a leader or assistant leader on our NCS programme might be what you are looking for!

During the training weekend that a being held during late spring, you will get a introduction to the NCS programme and the ethos that we are following. You will get all the practical information (Health & Safety, policy & procedures, Safe Keeping) as well as meeting your future leader colleagues to prepare together for the 4 week summer programme that lies ahead.

You will later have to come to a follow-up one day education where you will get your First Aid course and Food Safety, two certificate needed to be a leader on NCS.

Group Volunteer Leader training

Do you have great leadership skills and passion to work with young people on volunteer project overseas?

We work with a variety of organisations to give groups of young people the opportunity to find themselves while volunteering on a community project abroad. We are yearly leading a training weekend for leaders to join the groups to represent Concordia and coordinate the group on the project.

The weekend is covering a large variety of topic, necessary for our leaders. These include; a insight in the programme and your role in it, introduction to work with groups (group dynamic, communication, cultural awareness etc.) and practical information on how to run a group volunteer project (health and safety, policies and procedures etc.).  You will also meet other leaders and ex-volunteers so you together will motivate each other and give tips for how to make the volunteer project unique for both you and the group.

Coordinator training

To become a co-ordinator you need to attend a training weekend. The training weekend is in the spring and runs from a Thursday evening through to a Sunday afternoon. The weekend is very informal but covers everything from the day to day running of the projects through to conflict resolution and promoting cultural awareness. Check out our training dates.

We ask for a small contribution of £40 towards the training weekend, to cover food and the hire of the venue. If you go on to successfully co-ordinate a project we will cover your travel costs, not only for the project but for the training weekend too.

EVS (European Voluntary Service) training

Concordia is a sending organisation for EVS and we provide a pre departure training afternoon session for all volunteers going on a EVS project. The session explores in depth what the EVS programme is, rights and responsibilities of the volunteers, travel practicalities, health and safety and intercultural learning.

North South training

Life in a different culture will surprise you! But you’ll get the most from it when you have some idea what to expect. So we ask all volunteers applying for a project in Latin America, Asia and Africa to come to a preparation session, here at Concordia or via Skype.

We’ll cover things like: health and safety, cultural awareness, relations between the North and South, development issues and living conditions. You’ll be able to talk to people who’ve been to the countries involved on previous projects, and learn from their experience.

Summer Programme 2020

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