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Friday July 27th, 2018

“There is an immeasurable distance between late and too late”

This is your last chance to sign up to volunteer this summer! To help you a little further, we are dropping our fees by half for those 6 carefully handpicked projects until Sunday, 5th August. This means that you will receive £150 cash back!

We believe those community-driven projects are fantastic for culture exchange and meeting new international people as well as being beneficial to the local community. When you volunteer in one of them, you will be visiting the off the beaten track giving you a real feel of the country and making your travel experience a whole more meaningful.

Hurry as there’s only one place reserved in each project!

Projects available:
1- Location: Germany. Code: IBG 38. Dates: 18/08 – 1/09
2- Location: Spain. Code: ESDA-2018. Dates: 10/08 – 24/08
3- Location: France. Code: CONCF-015. Dates: 06/09 – 27/09
4- Location: Italy.Code: LUNAR 23. Dates: 22/08 – 5/09
5- Location: Germany. Code: ijgd 28328. Dates: 31/08 – 22/09
6- Location: France. Code: SJ/YE96. Dates: 27/08 – 16/09


Terms and conditions

  • No additional discounts can be applied on this offer
  • If you decide to cancel after application has been accepted, you will lose your entire project fee less £35 no-refundable administration charges
  • It is not possible to change the projects once your application is submitted. If you have any question regarding the projects, please contact us on
  • Places will be allocated on first come first served basis


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