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Testimonials from our past UK Group Coordinators

On this page we would like to share the comments from our past coordinators about their experience with Concordia. A big thank you goes to all of them for their amazing work and for helping Concordia run so many valuable and worthwhile projects.

Joana Salles, Green and Away Set Up 2018

“I chose to coordinate at Green and Away as the project really appealed to me in terms of environmental values. I found the experience very fulfilling as I had more responsibilities than volunteers while still having the chance to participate actively in the project. More than problems, the issues I encountered helped me to work on my self and become a more understanding person. Overall coordinating with Concordia is an experience I would recommend to anyone who wishes to make a difference while meeting great people and improve their leadership skills”.

Victoria Huges, YMCA Young Carers Festival 2018

“I chose to coordinate as not only does it allow me to meet new people from all over the world, it also gives me the opportunity to make a difference to people here in the UK. The cause behind this whole festival project is amazing, an eye-opening experience but also very rewarding. It’s a busy and demanding project, but it is so worth it as for many people at the festival this is the only time to have no caring responsibilities”

Imogen Fallon, Moulsecoomb Primary School 2018

I chose to coordinate a project because I enjoy volunteering and wanted to gain some work experience with more responsibility. I felt that the coordinator role would provide me with more insight into how such community projects are run, and it did. It also gave me more confidence in dealing with groups of people and when to act assertively and make decisions. I learnt a lot about Moulsecoomb and how children with difficulties in school can be encouraged/supported through activities like gardening and cycling, and how much the pupils benefit from some extra interaction. I admit I felt quite underprepared and inexperienced for such leadership role, but it was definitively worthwhile, met some lovely people from different countries and cultures, and I am glad I have done it”

Eleanor Jackson, Rock Farm 2018

“I love being outdoors and in nature, therefore Rock Farm sounded brilliant. I wanted to push myself and share a new experience and meet some new people. It was an amazing experience and I would definitively do a project again. I learnt hwo I work as a team leader for the first time”

Neil Calderwood, Patchfest 2018

“I chose to co-ordinate with Concordia because I share their passion for connecting people from all over the world and bringing them together to bond over worthwhile work. I loved PatchFest because plays a fantastic role in bringing the local community together and has a lasting impact on the lives it serves and the neighbourhood.

The experience was fantastic. Our international volunteers were all able to get stuck into the work and be proud of themselves for stepping out of their comfort zones and put in a great shift to make the event happen. They were rewarded by very appreciative fellow local volunteers and very happy festival goers. We were all kind and supportive to one another and were able to laugh at the tough times and relax well together in the breaks. It was brilliant to work with a diverse group and facilitate the togetherness that formed as the work, conditions and social times united us with a common experience and purpose.

The community welcomed us really warmly and made us feel at home, adding tremendously to the project. And the project itself proved to be a beautiful legacy of bringing locals together for a very positive cause”.

Stefania Rosso, Green and Away Festival 2018

“Personally, I have been always very committed to facilitating the best integration possible of the international volunteers within the UK community, even more after Brexit. Besides, Green & Away project fits perfectly with my background and career in sustainability. I could coordinate inside out this project very well and reasonably easily. The experience was one of the most rewarding I have ever had, and the Concordia volunteers participating was such an interesting group”!

Barney Smith, Green and Away Take Down 2018

“I chose to coordinate in order to take a break from my usual routine and get out of my comfort zone, while at the same time doing useful work together with international volunteers. The experience helped me to develop my practical skills and taught me more about myself and others”

Kiranpreet Sira, Manjushri 2018

“I love meeting new people and travelling is my passion. Coordinating this project has been very rewarding on both occasions (in 2017 and 2018). I believe we all had a fantastic time”

Hlanganiso Matangaidze, Patchfest 2017

“I chose to coordinate because I believed I would be able to improve both my teamwork and leadership skills. By the end of the week I felt as if I had become more confident in coordinating/leading as well as learning to listen to the opinions of the volunteers and cooperate better with them. I really enjoyed the responsibility I was given during the week at Patchfest. It has really encouraged me to try and pursue more coordinator roles and hopefully some international ones, as the experience and skills I obtained from my first coordinator role are invaluable and will be of great use to me in my future career”.

Alex Kimber, Green and Away Set up, 2017

“I chose to co-ordinate to broaden my volunteer experience and meet people and have fun in the summer. My experience was amazing! Green and Away has a warm culture and many volunteers return again and again. It’s a magical place and I made some great friends”.

Ed Steele, Green and Away Take Down, 2017

“I wanted to do something I’d never actually do and find things out about myself. I got this and more. I am so glad I did this and it was an incredible experience!”.

Giuliana Sinibaldi, Moulsecoomb, 2017

“After participating in various projects as a volunteer and in a couple as a coordinator, I decided I wanted to repeat the experience as a coordinator to share my experience in volunteering projects and tips about Brighton. The experience was amazing, as always when going as a coordinator I was focusing on organising and facilitating the life of the volunteers on the project, but when you get there you realise that this is just a small part of the experience which is actually very enriching and fun. I feel like I helped building a project everyone was able to enjoy, myself included. The experience was amazing and I think it was useful for the other volunteers to have someone a little more experience than them to turn to when they had problems or questions”.

Chipego Samuwele, YMCA Young Carers festival, 2017

“I wanted some experience in doing something different like this and I loved what this project was about – doing something amazing for the young carers and making them feel appreciated – they were all very pleasant and polite including their leaders. I had so much fun but definitively it was being surrounded by amazing friendly volunteers that just made this experience wonderful. They were so welcoming into their little family. We didn’t feel like intruders and they kept asking us to stay longer or return on any of the next upcoming projects, which I would love to do!”.

Victoria Hughes, Trythall School 2017

“I have done a lot of volunteering over the past few years and I wanted to try something a bit different, so chose the Trythall project. And I have zero regrets in this decision. I wanted to be able to help a school as well as meet volunteers, share our cultures and learn some new skills. The role of a coordinator wasn’t too challenging as there were two of us which was very much needed here. A summer I will never forget, met some lovely people that I am sure I will see again soon. If I could do it again, I would without question”.

Ed Steele, Trythall School, 2017

“I chose to coordinate because I believe in the benefit volunteers can make to good causes, especially outdoor education for children. Second, for the people who do these projects (hosts and volunteers, they are actually great)”.

Barnaby Smith, Manjushri 1

“I chose to coordinate in order to use my experience from previous projects to lead a project of my own. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience and gave me an unusually close-up insight into Buddhism and meditation”.

Kiranpreet Sira, Manjushri 2

“I have previously volunteered in many different projects, thus, I felt that co-ordinating a project would be interesting, especially working with a group. Although co-ordinating projects comes with much responsibility, it does not restrict you from getting involved in all the working activities other volunteers are involved in. I had an amazing experience, although I was the Coordinator I have made great friends with all the volunteers”.

Joana Salles, Manjushri 3

“I believed being a coordinator would improve my organisational skills and help me be more patient when any problem arised. I also wanted to make the volunteer experience unforgettable and was my first project. The experience at Manjushri was great to enhance my sense of responsibility and also helped me to deal with different needs and desires to reach compromises within the group. Overall, this was one of the greatest experiences in my life and I hope the skills I have acquired will help me in the future”.


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