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Thursday May 10th, 2018



Wanting to get more out your summer?

Concordia is offering an inspirational co-hosted youth exchange between Concordia and PeaceWorks Sweden. This means a great opportunity for anyone looking for something different to do this summer – free of charge.

To register your interest, either as a participant or leader, please contact Victor here.


Thursday March 29th, 2018



In this newsletter, we give you insight into the peak months bringing you up to speed on the National Citizen Programme, the preparations made for the UK summer programme 2018, and finally, we take you behind the scenes of the technical meeting with international partners hosted in Brno.


Tuesday August 10th, 2010

Places available on International Seminar on Climate Change

Places available on International Seminar on Climate Change

Concordia is looking for 2 participants for the international seminar on climate change with the title “The end of the world: stop talking and start acting!” . The seminar will take place near Berlin and aims at raising awareness of climate change issues and providing the participants with practical tools to tackle climate change starting from their everyday life.

Participants will be from  France, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania and UK.

Dates: 19/09/10 -25/09/10

Location: Berlin area.

Participants will get a 70% refund on their travel expenses.

More information and bookings here>>

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