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Why take part?


We believe that taking part in an international volunteer project is a great opportunity:

  • to experience different cultures, ideas and beliefs
  • to work alongside local people in local communities and gain a real
  • insight into their country, culture and traditions
  • to learn new skills and broaden your horizons
  • to meet new people and explore new places
  • to be part of a global movement working towards equality and understanding between all people
  • to help make a difference even when you only have a short amount of time to spare

Some quotes and comments from our volunteers:

“After spending a month in Kenya it is my belief that international volunteering can be a great way to immerse yourself in a culture, give something to community and learn a great deal about yourself and the world around you. It is an experience that I will not forget in a hurry and one, which even on my return, demands that I question and broaden my ideas and perspectives”
(Caroline Dudley, on a construction project in Kenya 2007).

“Very good experience. The experience for me was wonderful. Although the walks up and down the mountain were hard; and the work was worthwhile. Acquerino reserve is stunning. The volunteers all got a really well together, the food was great and we had a lot of fun in the evenings and on our trip. It’s an experience that will always stay with me and I’ll definitely do it again”
(Sarah Podmore, on an environmental project in Italy 2007)

“I enjoyed this project hugely. As well as allowing me to contribute to the local community, I was able to get to know young people from all over the world. This was for me a learning experience in many different ways. I will definitely be attending more projects in future”
(Emily Winterbottom, a renovation project in France 2006)

“I never though it was possible to experience so much in just three weeks of being in a foreign country. Although things didn’t always run smoothly I met some amazing people. I have some fantastic memories that I will always cherish. Furthermore, I also enhanced my German skills. I would like to thank the host organisation for making this project happen and giving me this unique chance to experience an totally different way of life and to meet amazing people from all around the world”
(Karen Evans, children project in Germany 2009)

For more experiences and comments from our volunteers you can:

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