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  • Visa: required. It can be obtained on entry to the country.  Please visit for more information.
  • Arrival info: date of arrival is the start date scheduled for the project.
  • Other: Due to a sequence of events in Indonesia in the past two years, volunteers interested in participating should make especially sure that they are fully updated and informed about the current situation through the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website


  • North South
  • Many of the projects they offer have a strong social emphasis. They also carry out different activities related to education, tourism, culture, weekend work camps, pen friends projects, environmental education and work with people with learning difficulties.





  • IIWC – Indonesian International Work Camp Organisation  was established in 1999 but International Volunteer Projects (IVP) had been organised by its parental body, the  Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (PKBI) for several years. The main activities of PKBI were providing information and advice on sexual health to young people. With strong support from NICE Japan, and as part of the Network of Voluntary Development in Asia, IIWC has been increasing and strengthening its activities since it was established. It now runs approx 20 international volunteer project in Feb/Mar, Aug/Sep and Nov/Dec – as well as having longer-term placements throughout the year – and sends volunteers to join meetings and projects abroad. The aims of IIWC are: to promote global understanding and friendship; to motivate and activate the development of local communities and preserve their environment; and to explore and exchange knowledge, culture and way of life.
  • Dejavato Foundation (DJ) is an organization working for peace, international understanding and solidarity, education, social, and sustainable development for culture and international environment through voluntary service that involves active citizenship from local and international society. Dejavato Foundation organizes short, middle or long term volunteering programs collaborating with international organization partners around the world.


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