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  • Visa: not required.
  • Arrival info: date of arrival is the start date scheduled for the project.
  • Other: a selection of projects are open to volunteers aged 16 and 17. For some projects volunteers must have a basic or good understanding of French; please check the special requirements in each project description.



  • A French national TV station went to visit one of our partners in France and reported on one of their renovation projects. The short video (a couple of minutes) is in French, however it shows what a project might look like! Watch the video


  • CBF – Compagnons Batisseurs France : Since 1953, Compagnons Batisseurs has united people who want to act together to bring about a greater social justice in this world. The main way they achieve this is through International Voluntary Workcamps.
  • Concordia France was created in 1950 and is a well established non profit making NGO, committed to international voluntary service. It is a democratic organisation that encourages active involvement of its volunteers and members. The focus of Concordia’s work is on promoting international youth exchange through short-term international volunteer projects.
  • JR – Jeunesse et Reconstruction is a non-political, non-denominational organisation whose main aim is to bring international people together to work for a common goal. This they have been doing for many years now by running international workcamps in France.
  • SJ – Solidarites Jeunesses is the French branch of Youth Action for Peace (YAP), formerly known as Christian Movement for Peace. It is a non-governmental, non-profit making organization dedicated to fighting against social injustice and racism and to fight for peace and the protection of the environment.
  • UNAREC : UNAREC Etudes et Chantiers aims to develop the participation of volunteers in society and works closely alongside local authorities and people when organising International Volunteer Projects.


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