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Destinations – Bangladesh

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  • Population: 156.2 million
  • Capital: Dhaka
  • Major languages: Bengali
  • Major religions: Islam, Hinduism
  • Monetary unit: Taka


BWCA is a voluntary youth organization which has been working in various fields that includes helping communities, NGOs and others to help them learn how to cope with natural hazards, by conducting local, national and international workcamps since its inception in 1958. Their scheme “learning while working and living together”, is aimed towards the young generation around the world. BWCA conducts short-term workcamps with duration of 10-15 days each year during October – March.

This short-term program creates the opportunity among the participants to explore a friendly atmosphere, navigation of international understanding and exchanging ideas & opinion through team work and effort. It also provides integration with a new society, culture, tradition and life style of Bangladeshi rural and urban people.


  • North South
  • The fields of the projects include social welfare, rural development, community and organizational development, health care, blood donation, eye camps, environmental conservation, helping in administration, mobilizing resources and participating in many other possible activities of similar nature in all over Bangladesh.


  • Visa: required. Please visit for more information.
  • Arrival info: Volunteers will be met at the airport and their will be an orientation in Dhaka on the first day of the project. BWCA will assist volunteers to arrange travel around the country before or after the project if required.
  • Other: It is not advised to travel in some parts of the country (e.g. North West) due to political tensions. Please be aware that Bangladesh is also in a high-risk earthquake zone. For more information, please visit


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