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Monday December 7th, 2015


We have a winner!

The viewings on our Facebook page have never been as high as they were when the photo competition was running! With more than 4500 people reached within one week, we can now present the winner amongst our volunteers 2015. We want to send a big thank you to all volunteers that entered their picture in the competition, and we hope to see you with us again next year! Click here to see all the contestants.

Jack Williamson_photo comp winner_550

Nr 1. Jack – Portugal – Last day on the volunteer project with other international volunteers. Impressive 83 likes & 32 shares ensured Jack the first price of a free project registration or £50 in vouchers. Big congratulations!


Nr 2. Aneesa – France – Taking a walk around the countryside with the group of international volunteers and looking for the direction to go. With 39 likes, Aneesa ensured second place in our competition and will get a  40% discount on her next volunteer experience with Concordia Volunteers.


Nr 3. Barney – Spain – Volunteers at retirement home in Íllora, Andalucía, Spain, August 2015. 20% on Barneys volunteer experience 2016 is waiting for him.

Thank you to everyone that did volunteering with us 2015 and hope to see you all back with us next year. Make sure that you are on our mailing list (email, write on the subject “Summer Programme Request”) and we will send you a reminder once the summer programme 2016 is published.

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