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North South Programme

Volunteer abroad - North South Programme in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia. They don’t involve humanitarian or aid work, but they do give you the chance to experience a completely different way of life. Generally, they’ll involve environmental, construction or renovation work although there are some social, archaeological and arts-based projects available, depending on the country.

These projects come from community-based initiatives. You’ll learn from living and working in a richly mixed, international group, as well as from the practical work itself.

You could find yourself…

  • Organising activities for street children in India
  • Helping with a HIV awareness in Kenya
  • Constructing a safe drinking water and sanitation building in Uganda
  • Improving children’s education in Vietnam
  • Protecting marine turtles in Mexico

Which kind of project would you like?
Check out the different types of project you could chose from.

For any project on our North South Programme, you’d need to come to a weekend or day preparation session at Concordia so you know what to expect and are ready for it. If you’re up for a real challenge, search for a North South Project now

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