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Matching you to the right MTV project

Volunteer Abroad - Medium Term Programme in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America

Medium term projects are emotionally demanding and we’ll want to make sure you’ll be well matched to your project

You’ll need to show us that you are:

Experienced – ideally, a previous volunteer experience with Concordia, although we’ll consider volunteering or travel that are relevant to your chosen project.

  • Motivated! You’ll need to be committed and happy to participate fully both in the work and in the cultural exchange with the host organisation and local community
  • Prepared. You’ll need to attend our preparation session if participating in a MTV project through the North South programme and either a preparation session or a one-to-one meeting with us depending on your choice of MTV on the East West programme

Some projects have requirements such as age, language ability and specific experience but these will vary according to the specific project – you can read more in the project details. For projects in developing countries we ask that you are aged at least 20.

Don’t forget to fill in the MTV questionnaire during your project search and application process. See here how to apply.

Ongoing support from start to finish

We’ll support you throughout your application, and be in regular contact during the project – either directly or, if this is difficult due to the location, via our local partner organisation.

On arrival in the country you will generally receive some training, depending on what’s involved in the project. You will be supported throughout by the host organisation, and our partner organisation in the country where you are volunteering.

Call us today on 01273 422 218 or email now.

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