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Partner: VFP

Types of Projects: VFP has been running for many years MTV projects which aim to support ex detainees after they left prison, as well as projects involving work with people with learning disabilities, difficult social background or drug abuse. Other projects involving construction and renovation work might be available. These projects host 1 or 2 volunteers at any one time.

Duration: usually minimum stay is 3 months, throughout the year.

Food and accommodation: Provided

Pocket Money: N/A

Requirements: Strong motivation, possibly previous experience and age 21+ or older.


Partner: CJ

Office Placements: Concordia France and Unarec recruit also volunteers to support their offices during the summer placements season; these projects are open only to volunteer who previously participated at least in one short term or Medium Term international volunteer project.

Duration: usually 4-6 months, during the summer

Food and accommodation: Provided

Pocket Money: sometimes available

Requirements: volunteers aged 20+ with previous experience in international volunteer projects.

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