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Medium Term Volunteering (MTV)

Volunteer Abroad - Medium Term Programme in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America

MTV projects usually last between 1 and 6 months, in Europe, Asia, North America, Central America and Africa. Aimed at supporting the development of local communities, they give you an opportunity to get to know a country and community in depth, and make a sustained, worthwhile contribution to a particular project.

Some of our partner organisations in the Latin America, Africa and Asia run projects of up to 12 months in length, however for these projects we will ask that you initially apply for a six month period, with an option of extending if desired.

You could be involved in…

  • conservation
  • renovation
  • archaeology
  • construction
  • the arts
  • working with children or people with special needs
  • teaching
  • organising volunteering projects for our partners abroad

You will usually be placed either individually or with one or two other volunteers, although there may be some involvement with international volunteer groups during the course of the placement.

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If you already have a Short-term project with us under your belt, you can apply for an office volunteer placement with one of our partner organisations, running volunteer projects in their own country. Office placements are between 3-6 months in length, usually between end of February and end of August, mainly at our European partner organisations.

With the right experience, a flexible attitude and some knowledge of the local language, these posts provide an excellent opportunity to experience the day-to-day operations of an international volunteer organisation.

MTV Summer Programme 2016

If you want to be notified when the MTV summer programme 2016 is available, with more than 1500 projects online, just email, write on the subject “Summer Programme Request” and we will send you a reminder.

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