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If you are under 18 and applying by post, the form has to be signed by one of your parents.

If you are under 18 and applying online, after submitting the online application and payment we need you to send a copy of the VEF by post/fax signed by one of your parents. This is compulsory.

If you wish to be placed on a project together with a friend, please indicate their name clearly in the final section “General Remarks”. If applying by post it is also a good idea to send the applications together in the same envelope, as we need to reserve the places together.

If you are paying by credit card please email to let us know. Please remember to put your names, project code, dates and booking reference number in the email.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Application and project selection

On-line Application and payments

This system is designed to make it easier for you to book a project. Please use the following headings to help you navigate through our on-line payments system. If you do get stuck please feel free to contact the Concordia office on 01273 422218

Choosing your project

Once you have found a project on the project search, you can click the select button and the project will be added to your basket. If you need help to select a project please click the help button on the project search page.

Adding projects to your selection

For our application requirements we ask volunteers to select a number of projects. We ask you to choose the projects in order of preference.

The first project that you chose will be the first project that we try to get you a place on. If there is no place available on your 1st choice project we will try to get you on your second choice, third choice etc until we find you a place. You will only be charged for one project.

We encourage applicants to choose as many alternative choices to your first project (up to 8), as this gives you more chances to find a place.

On the ‘Your details’ page we ask you of all your choices are full whether you would like to be booked on another project. Please think carefully before ticking yes to this box.

Once you have chosen your projects you can change the order of the preference on the basket page.

To choose alternative projects please click on the ‘Add to selection 1 as alternative choice to…” and this will be added to your alternative selection on the basket page.

Second projects

If you would like to take part on two projects you can get a discount £40 if you book them both at the same time.

To do this you can follow the adding projects procedure and then when you have chosen a second project click on the “Add to selection 2”.

You can again choose alternative projects for your chosen project (up to 8 alternatives).

Please note: make sure that if you are booking additional projects that you have enough travel time to get from one project to the next, especially if they are in different countries and similar dates.

Your project selection

Once you have chosen all your project selections please check through them and make sure you have them in your order of preference.

In the basket page you can change the order of preference of all the alternative choices you selected apart from the first project you choose.

If you need to add any training courses or shop items you can do so at this point.

If you are happy with you selection then press Apply now/payments.

Training courses

If you would like to take part on any of Concordia’s training courses, from our North South preparation weekends to our Co-ordinator training weekend and our Post Season Event, you can click on the ‘You haven’t selected any training courses button’ and this will take you through to the training booking page.

For all North South Projects you will need to have attended a North South Preparation weekend before going on your project please check the following for more details: North South Preparation

Concordia Shop

If you would like to buy one of our famous t-shirts or hoodies please put your orders through the shop. Don’t forget to tell us the type and size you would like.

Apply now/payments

Once you have chosen all your projects, shop items and training courses and are happy with the dates and details please click the ‘Apply now/Payment button’. This will take you through to the ‘Your details’ page.

Your details

This is what we often refer to as the VEF form or (Volunteer Exchange Form).

Please fill this form in every part: there are certain fields that are compulsory and if you don’t fill them in you will not be able to complete the application process. Once you have filled in this form please press continue at the bottom of the page.

Your summary order

Please check through your order summary to see if the information is correct.

You must read the Terms and Conditions page and you have to tick the ‘I have read and accept Concordia’s terms and conditions’ box before you can continue

Pay by post

If you do not wish to apply online and pay by credit card you can still pay by post. Please click on the ‘pay by post’ button where all your information will be displayed. Please print this page and send it with the correct fee to:

Concordia, 19 North Street, Portslade, Brighton BN41 1DH

Please make cheques payable to ‘Concordia’ and you can also pay by postal order. Please do not send cash in the post

Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that you read these before applying for a project Terms and Conditions

Secure web site payment using Protx

When you are happy with ‘Your Order Summary’ please press the continue button if you would like to pay by credit card. You will then go through to an external site called Protx. This site is very secure and will guide you through the payment procedures.

Confirmation email

Once all your payments details have been entered and accepted by Protx you will be sent an email with a summary of your project application. You will hear from Concordia between 3 -5 working days.


If at any time you get stuck and need help/advice please call the Concordia office on 01273 422218

Step 2: Terms and Conditions

It is your responsibility to read carefully the Terms and Conditions It’s very important that you do this before proceding with the application.

If you are applying by post, before printing the application with your selection of projects, you will be asked to tick the box that states that you read and agree with our terms and conditions.

Then you will confirm this by signing the printed version of the application form, where you state again that you fully understand and agree with Concordia’s Terms and Conditions.

If you apply online, you simply need to tick the box that states that you read and agree with our terms and conditions.

Step 3: Additional forms and questionnaires (North South and Medium Term Volunteer Programmes)

If you apply for a short term project in Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea we don’t need additional forms apart from the VEF and Terms and Conditions form.

On the contrary, if you apply for projects in Latin America, Africa or Asia you need to fill in and return our North South questionaire and must participate in a preparation weekend in Brighton.

In order to book a place you need to select one of preparation weekends available and pay the registration fee for the weekend (£40). You can book a place for the preparation both by post by sending the booking form and a check or a postal order with the fee or you can book a place online.

If you apply for a Medium Term Volunteer project lasting between one and six months, you have to fill the MTV Questionnaire

Step 4: Project registration fee

Concordia registration fee is £180 per project. The registration fee for any additional project booked at the same time is £140

If you apply by post, please enclose payment of your registration fee of £180. Cheques/postal orders should be made payable to: Concordia.

Send your envelope to:
Concordia Volunteers
International Volunteer Programme
19 North Street
Portslade, BN41 1DH

Write VOLUNTEER APPLICATION on the top left hand corner of your envelope as this will help us identify it as a priority mail amongst the large amount of post we receive daily.

If you apply online you can pay the registration fee by using your credit/debit card.

Step 5: Receipt of application and placement confirmation

Receipt of your application will be sent via email, unless you send in a stamped addressed envelope for a postal receipt.

We are usually able to confirm placement within 7 working days. Your application is forwarded to our partner organisations and as soon as we have confirmation of a place, you will be notified immediately by email unless otherwise stated.

For projects in the North South Programme (Latin America, Africa, Asia) the process is likely to take longer due to difficulties in communication with some of the partner organisations concerned. If there are delays in getting information to you, we ask you to be patient and we will do all we can to make sure you receive the necessary information on time.

Step 6: Project’s final details

Approximately 3-4 weeks before the start of the project, volunteers will receive final travel details prepared by the partner organisation. These details will include practical information about the project, travel tips, the meeting point and a checklist of items to take with you.

Please note that Concordia will send all the above information by E-MAIL. Therefore, if you apply by post, when completing the Volunteer Exchange Form (VEF) make sure that you write your email address clearly. If you wish to receive the information by POST instead, please tick the relevant box on the terms and conditions form and send in a stamped addressed envelope.

It is important to note that the information sheets are prepared by the in-country host organisation and it is not possible for Concordia to check that all the details are correct. Indeed, all partner organisations co-operate on a system of mutual trust, which has been successfully established over many years. Volunteers with queries about their final details should contact Concordia as early as possible. We will be happy to clarify them with the partner organisation concerned though we regret that we cannot be held responsible should final information turn out to be incorrect.

Step 7: Travel Insurance

Volunteers must purchase travel insurance before they go on a project and send a copy to the office via post or email. (please see Terms and Conditions)

Step 8: Travelling together

Concordia may pass on information about other volunteers booked onto the same project so that contact/joint travel arrangements can be made. Volunteers who specifically do not wish to have their details passed on should indicate this on the application form.

Step 9: Mailing list

People who have participated in an international volunteer project will automatically join the mailing list for the year following their project and will receive e-mail newsletters unless they choose not to by specifying this on application.

Step 10: Download the forms (application by post)

You can download all the forms you need by clicking on the following links:
Placement form and terms and conditions:

Additional forms:

Step 11: Application Checklist (application by post)

When sending your application by post please make sure you enclose:

  • VEF
  • A cheque/postal order for £180 for international projects
  • Signed terms and condition form
  • North South Questionnaire completed (only for projects in Latin America, Africa, Asia)
  • North South Preparation (only for projects in Latin America, Africa, Asia)
  • MTV Questionnaire(only for Medium Term Volunteer Projects)
  • A stamped self addressed envelope if you wish to receive acknowledgement of your registration fee by post rather than by email
  • Don’t forget to write “Volunteer Application” on the top left hand corner of your envelope.

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