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EVS Projects

There are lots of examples of EVS projects to chose from,  some examples are:


Work: Helping to educate children about environmental issues and working on a national ‘clean the beaches’ scheme.

Time: 6 months from May to October

Volunteer: Duncan


Work: Teaching young people English and creating a website for the young people to use

Time: 8 months from January to September

Volunteer: Natalie


Work: Working at a children’s playgroup with infants

Time: 6 months from October to March

Volunteer: Amy


Work: Helping a NGO in Brussels to develop polices around volunteering

Time: 12 months from November to October

Volunteer: Linden


Work: Conserving the black vulture in the mountains of Majorca

Time: 6 months from March to August

Volunteer: Anne

For more information about EVS please contact Chloe on: or call 01273 425513

Summer 2017 Programme

Our new programme 2017 is now live with over 1500 projects worldwide.

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