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Additional Host Organisation fee – Extra Fee

Additional host organisation fees, when applicable, are always specified in the each project description. These fees are always payable on arrival and often the projects will want the currency in either Euros, US Dollars or local currency.

North South Programme

If joining a project with our North South Programme in Latin America, Africa and Asia, the host organisation fee is applicable the vast majority of times because organisations in the South countries do not receive subsidies in the way that many European organisations do.

Also, these organisations do not generate income from sending out volunteers to projects abroad, as this is often too costly for volunteers in the South to travel to countries in the North. The fee paid by the volunteers on arrival supports the daily functioning of the organisation as well as the running costs of the project itself: food, accommodation, interpreters, transport and sometimes excursions.

The host fee on North South projects usually varies between £80 to £250 depending on the specific project.

East West Programme

With project in our East West Programme in Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea there is usually no additional host fee.

Only very few countries may charge an additional fee on certain projects, payable on arrival – here is a list of countries/projects within the East West programme where this might happen:

  • Japan, where  volunteers pay a £40 fee on arrival to join short term projects with reference codes starting with the letters NICE.
  • Iceland, where all projects have an additional fee to pay ranging between Euros 200 to 300 approximately, which covers for food and accommodation and other admin costs, but not for local transport nor local visits. Volunteers are also supposed to pay for local transport in Iceland and when projects are far from Reykjavik, this expense could be significant.  Our partners in Iceland offer a minibus service at cheaper rates compared to other companies, as well as the possibility of sightseeing for an additional cost. Sometimes the transport cost is included in the extrafee mentioned above, however please check the information on the project description about this. Also, for projects out of the capital volunteers are expected to arrive one day before and leave one day after the project, therefore they need to find their own accommodation for those days.
  • Some projects available to teenagers (16-17 year old), although not all of them, require the payment of a on arrival fee which could vary between £150 and £400 approximately. This fee usually goes towards extra costs needed to organise and lead  projects with volunteers under 18 (for example to cover extra training for leaders, etc.)
  • Other countries where funding is not available or where projects require extra funding.



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