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We believe money should never be a barrier for somebody who would like to volunteer, therefore, we keep the fee that you pay to us as low as possible However, it is also important to realise that when you volunteer, there is always a cost, and it must be met by somebody. Your contribution helps Concordia to partially cover the costs it incurs in order to administer your placement and run our international volunteer programme. Our international partners, who send volunteers to the same projects as us, also charge a fee to help cover their administration and programme costs. Please be aware that the fee each organisation charges to the volunteer will depend on the value of their currency, and the cost of living in the country where the organisation is based.

We have a set fee of £300, which is charged to every volunteer who wishes to join any of our overseas (individual) programmes. It is common to question why a fee is necessary if you are volunteering your efforts, however, costs will be incurred to offer you accommodation, food, in-country transport and support in both the country that you volunteer, and from our UK office. The truth is that the fee you pay only partially covers these costs, and the remainder is covered by Concordia and its overseas partners.

If you decide to go on more than one project, any project after the first will receive a discount of £40 the fee in the form of cashback.

Other fees

  • North/South: additional host fee  is due to be paid on arrival at the project to the host organisation in either Euros or Dollars on our North South projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The equivalent in £GBP varies depending on the exchange rate at the time, however, it is sensible to budget £100 – £200. Always remember to check the project description for the exact fee that you are required to pay.
  • East/West: the majority of our in-country host organisations in Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea, do not require an additional host fee to be paid on East West projects, but please check the project description, as there could be a few exceptions.
  • International Travel: you must organise and pay for your own travel to and from the meeting point as specified in the project description.
  • Insurance: you must have adequate personal travel insurance (see terms and conditions). We have a partnership with Endsleigh, who will be happy to provide you with a quote for a bespoke policy, should you require.
  • Visas: visit Look up the country that you’re travelling to, and then check ‘entry requirements’. The project description will highlight if the country and/or project that you’re visiting requires a visa.
  • Criminal checks: if you apply for projects working with children or vulnerable adults you are required to  send us either a copy of your DBS update service number (we will not accept DBS certificates if they are not registered on the DBS update service) or an ICPC (International Child Protection Certificate).
  • Spending money: please take enough to cover any internal travel and personal expenses, while on the project.


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