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National Citizen Service (NCS) – As a School or College

Why your School/College should get involved!

  • It’s a life-changing opportunity for your students, inspiring them to pursue their ambitions.
  • Recognised by UCAS, features on their ‘like to see’ skills and achievements.
  • No work or cost to you – it costs nothing to be involved, with little or no time input needed.
  • There are no disruptions to academic timetables because NCS runs in the summer holidays and half terms.
  • Helps to reduce NEET young people. It can increase a student’s motivation for education and employment and will sign-post them to a local college or other learning provider.
  • Practical skills for vocational qualifications and life. NCS encourages students to develop practical skills for life; lessons they can’t learn in the classroom.
  • Makes CVs and job applications stand out amongst the competition.
  • Recognised by OFSTED.

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