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Tuesday May 19th, 2015




With our first summer volunteers already out on their overseas projects, we want to see more volunteers going for an unforgeable summer experience! Have a look at some of these projects and see if they are something for you!


ESDA-02-15 From San Fermin to Terranova (01/07/2015-15/07/2015) CULT / ENVI

Joining this project, the volunteer will not only help to restore an ancient roman road used for trade and transportation until the 18th century, but will also engage in learn about the Basque traditions and culture and learn about the history of the region. The nature around the work site is surrounded by green mountainous landscape with San Sebastian and the beach not far away (70 km).

SIW-1502 State Forestry – Oudemolen (27/06/2015-11/07/2015) ENVI / FEST

Volunteer will take part of “The week of the Drentsche Aa”, a festival held in the national park. Helping out with labour workshops, cultural events and organisational tasks during the festival week, and different natural labour during the second week of the project.

MS07 History in Action (23/06/2015-10/07/2015) CULT/MAN

Herregaarden Hessel is one of the last original manor houses in Denmark built around a square and with thatched roofs on all the buildings. The volunteer will help out with maintenance of the area and historical artifacts, the weakly Bring History to Life activities and learn how to make pastry using historical recipes.

RC-21/15 Tibetan Culture 8 (03/08/2015 – 16/08/2015) CULT / HIST / MAN

The voluntees will stay in beautiful Dharamshala, a small but international well known town in northwest India. The project aim to study the culture and history of Tibet. The volunteers will get intercultural learning to help broaden their horizons concerning their livelihood and environment. They will also help with manual work at a local school and create learning opportunities for children.


This is a project for active and motivated volunteers! As a volunteer, you will conduct various activities. You will develop workshops with local kids to encourage initiative and creativity, engage in music and dance lessons and doing manual work such as painting and planting organic vegetables and plants. The volunteers will stay in Palca, a small city located 2,739 meters over sea level up in the Andes.

SVICA011-15 CAMBERA DE LOS MOROS  (16/08/2015-30/08/2015) ENVI/ RENO / REST

San Vincente del Monte is a village hanging halfway of the slope of the Sierra de Escudo de Caburniga with a breathtaking view over the valley. Here the volunteer will engage in maintenance of the roads and paths and fixing land marks to help wanders find their way. A perfect project for the organised volunteer that want to go to Spain!

JR15/228 ETOILE-SUR-RHCNE  (28/06/2015 – 18/07/2015) LANG/MAN/RENO/ELDER

Parlez-vous français? If so, this is a project for you. You will join a volunteer team to be in charge of renovating an ancient stone wall, restoration of the former coaching inn and help out the elder population in various small exterior work such as gardening ,painting etc. You need to know at least basic French to join the project.


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