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Friday October 30th, 2015



Do you want to spend December in Mexico saving sea turtles?

Four out of eight endangered sea turtle species come to the beach of Chiapas to lay their eggs, a beach where there is a high risk of nest looting. eggs. They also are among the 22 beaches in the country where there is a high risk of nest looting. In an effort to rescue both the eggs and the newborn turtles, sanctuaries were founded for collecting the eggs and burying them again in protected areas for safekeeping.

As a volunteer on this projects, you will be working close with the sanctuary’s personnel in the protection of the eggs, patrolling on the beach during night time and also aid in the care and release of the newborn turtles. You will assist the compilation of statistical data such as counting nests, eggs and freed baby turtles. Other activities will be related to the maintenance, development of the sanctuary’s facilities, and talks about environment and turtle care to both tourists and inhabitants of the nearby communities.

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