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When to apply – Top tips on how to apply

How we work

We work with over 60 partner organisations across the world who are all members of either the Alliance of European Voluntary Services or the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS).

We each organise projects in our own countries, and then ‘swap’ the volunteer places. So every project ends up with a rich mix of nationalities. The benefits of working this way are that you get a volunteering project that makes a real difference to the community you work in. And because we are a charity, we are able to keep our costs low.

Sign up soon – places go fast

All the volunteering opportunities on our website are open to all our partners across the world. Each summer we have over 1500 volunteering opportunities across the world but they often get booked within a couple of months. Once they are taken, they are gone so if you see something you like, our advice is to act fast!

When you apply, we recommend being as flexible as possible so choose as many alternative options as you can (for each application you can select up to 8 alternative choices).  We will follow your order of preference to book you on a project. If you are only interested in one or two projects, feel free to contact us and we will double check the availability before you apply.

When to apply for East West and North South projects

We release our Summer programme in March every year so the best time to apply for short term summer projects is then.

For autumn, winter and spring projects we recommend applying at least one to 3 months in advance.

When to apply for Medium Term projects

Allow at least 3 to 6 months to organize a medium term project to ensure availability.

About EVS projects

EVS projects are funded and they tend to take more time to organize the funding for you. If you are interested in our EVS programme, contact us and we will be able to help you.

Summer programme 2018

The new programme will be launched online on 12th March 2018. If you want to be notified as soon as the programme is launched, sign up to our newsletter here to receive a reminder as soon as the new programme is live.


Summer Programme 2020

Sign up to our newsletter and get notified when the new summer programme 2020 is released in March next year.

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