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How to search for projects

This page is designed to make it easier for you to search for projects and apply online. Please use the following headings to help you navigate through our on-line database and application form. If you do get stuck please feel free to contact the Concordia office on 01273 422218.

Finding your ideal project

During our busiest period we have over 1500 projects! The search facility will help you find the best project for you. You don’t need to fill in all the search criteria, but they will help narrow down your search.

Here is how our project search form looks like:

PLATO search form

  1. Select your age and gender – Some projects do have age limits and all require a good gender mix, which is why we ask you some personal information. These are the only compulsory fields.
  1. Select the length of your project – you can select to see all projects available no matter whether they are short term or medium/long term, or you can choose to browse only those that are either short term (7-29 days), Medium Term (30-89 days) or Long Term (90-365 days). If you select short term projects, please note that, depending on your specific search,  the database will show you in the result page also projects that are “ongoing”:  these projects run for several months and they dates show the overall period when the project is available, however volunteers can join for short period of times that could go from one week up to the whole duration of the project.
  1. Dates from and to – You can enter the dates that you are available. For searches by date, please use the calendar provided or enter dates in this format: dd/mm/yyyy. So 1st July 2017 would be 01/07/2017. Entering dates in a different format will not bring up project results. For projects over one month we advise that volunteers leave the date section blank or enter a really broad date range as it is sometimes possible to join a project for a lesser time than the given dates. This information will be provided in the project details.
  1. Select where you want to go – You can choose from a list of world regions such as Western Europe, Africa, Asia etc. This will select all those countries within that region that we work with, or you can choose from the list of countries given. If you want to display the projects available in all the countries, don’t use this box and leave the selection on “All Countries”.
  1. Select Project Type – You can enter the type of work that you are interested in by selecting the project type on the drop down list. If you want to display all the projects, no matter what type of work they involve, don’t use this box and leave the selection on “All project types”. Please note that each project can include more than one type of work.
  1. Click “Search for projects” to display the result of your search. The website will open a new tab where you will be able to browse the projects available according to your preferences.

PLEASE NOTE THAT EVS PROJECTS ARE NOT LISTED ON THIS DATABASE. Please contact the office for more information and availability.

Display results of your projects

Here is how a project is displayed on the result page :

PLATO display results

  • Dates: each project has a specific start and end date. Volunteers should arrive on the first date given and leave on the last day. Please note that, in order to allow enough time to travel between main port of arrival and the project location,  some projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as countries like Iceland, might require volunteers to arrive in the destination country the day before the project starts and leave the country the day after the project ends.
  • Type of work: you will find here what type of work is involved in the project (in this case “renovation work”). There can be one or more types of work in each project. 
  • Code: IBG03 is the reference code of the project shown above: this is the main ID and each project has a different one, depending on the country and host organisation. There may be two extra digits at the end, indicating the year when the project is taking place. If you want to enquire about a project to Concordia please make note of this code. You can also search for a project by its Code.
  • Additional Host Fee – if applicable – will be indicated here. Read more about the Additional Host Fee.
  • Number of volunteers indicates the size of the group – below is an indication of how many places are left available by gender.
  • Click “view full details” to read more information about the work, accommodation and food, location and leisure activities and more, as shown in the example below:

PLATO display results Full description

Please remember that project descriptions are written by our partner organizations overseas who run the projects and English is not their first language. In many cases the project is referred to as  a“workcamp” or “camp” – these terms are not generally used in the UK,  however this is the most common way for our international partners to refer to our international volunteer projects.

  • Requirements: Any further information regarding specific entry requirements will be indicated in this section. Check this section carefully before making your choices.
  • The Nearest Terminal indicates the nearest train or bus station or international airport. This should help you to begin looking into travel tickets as soon as your placement is confirmed.
  • Language: most projects have English as their official language; however some might require the knowledge of other languages. Check here as well as the requirement section of the project for more information.

Selecting your project

  • Once you have found a project on the project search, you can click the “add to basket” button and the project will be added to your basket.
  • We recommend that you select a number of projects. You will be able to put the projects in order of preference when filling the online application form. The first project in your list will be the first project that we try to get you a Concordia place on. If there is no place available on your 1st choice project we will try to get you on your second choice, third choice etc until we find you a place. You will only be charged for one project.
  • We encourage applicants to choose several alternative choices to your first project (up to 4 choices can be selected on the online application), as this gives you more chances to find a place. If you want to choose more projects, you can contact us via email on and we will add them to your application.
  • Click “Apply now” to start your online application, fill in your personal information and let us know about your previous experience, motivation and requirements.
  • On the ‘Your Projects” section of the online application we ask you whether, if all your choices are full, you would like to be booked on another project.  If you are applying for a North South project or a Medium Term project, we will contact you via email to send you additional questionnaires to fill in and confirm a date where you will be attending our training events. The training session is compulsory and we publish the dates available on our website.

What if I want to go with a friend?

In the section “your projects” of the online application you are asked if you want to be placed with a friend. If so, tick “yes” and add the name of your friend. Please make sure that your friend sends his/her application form at the same time as you so that we can process them together.

Check your summary

Please check through your order summary to see if the information is correct. You must read the Terms and Conditions page and you have to tick the ‘I hereby agree to the terms and conditions’ box before you can continue.

Online Payment

 When you are happy with Your Order Summary please press the continue button if you would like to pay by debit/credit card. You will then go through to an external site called SagePay. This site is very secure and will guide you through the payment procedures.

If you are under 18 and applying online, after submitting the online application and payment we need you to send us a copy of our Terms and Conditions by post/fax signed by one of your parents. This is compulsory.

Apply/Pay by post

If you wish to apply online but not pay by debit/credit card, you can still apply and pay by post. All you have to do is contacting us via phone or email and we will send you an application form that you can print and send in the post with a cheque included for the correct fee to:

Concordia, 19 North Street, Portslade, East Sussex, BN41 1DH

Please make cheques payable to ‘Concordia’ and you can also pay by postal order. Please do not send cash in the post.

Confirmation Email

Once your payment is completed you will be sent an email with a summary of your project application. After that, you should hear from Concordia within 5 working days with the result of your application. For North South or Medium Term projects this process could take longer.

Want to go on more volunteering projects?

 If you would like to take part on two projects you can get a discount of £40, in the form of cashback. All you have to do is to send a second application, pay the fee and we will reimburse you the £40 straightaway.

We’re here to help.

If at any time you get stuck and need help or advice please call the Concordia office on 01273 422 218 or email

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